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I regard Software Development not just as coding to get things done. As developer it is my duty to help customers achive their goals. This means that the process has to start a lot earlier.  Setting up a dialogue about the requirements of the product, consulting the customer as to which solution will be the best for them.  agreeing on features and timelines are all part of the development process and continue to be so until the final delivery.

What I do

Mobile  Apps

iOS and Android Apps written in Swift / Objective-C and Java / Kotlin as well as React Native

Internet of Things

Apps to configure and control IoT devices in WiFi and Bluetooth networks


Smart Contract development in Solidity (Etherum) and C++ (EOS)

Desktop Apps

Native macOS Apps and crossplatform Electron.js developent

Audio DSP

Audio processing and MIDI development on macOS

Backend / Database

Development of databases (relational, NoSQL, time series) and REST APIs

Work Samples

A selection of projects I have worked on recently


Digital Health App

The leading german digital health app. Responsible for design, architecture and implementation of the iOS app since its inception in 2017.

Ansorg INspire

Lightning Control

App based lightning control system using a bluetooth mesh network. Implementation and software architecture.

Hensel Remote

Flash Control

iOS, Android and macOS App to control and configure professional flashes, communication via custom protocol over WiFi. 

App Ear

Digital Audio Signal Processing

Multichannel realtime audio software for Tomatis practitioners.


Customer Flow  Management 

InfluxDB, React Native Apps, NestJS 



Bringing together social networking and the blockchain

About Me

  • 20+ year career in programming
  • Experienced in design, analysis and development of mobile, desktop as well as large scale enterprise applications
  • In-depth knowledge of object-oriented and functional programming and design patterns
  • Hands-on experience in blockchain development using solidity and eosio.cdt
  • Team-oriented, implementation-driven, pragmatic and solution focused