Daily Monster App

The Daily Monster App is an idea of Stefan G. Bucher from 344 Design and is based on his  The Daily Monster blog.


The main challenges with this app have been the UI layout and inclusion of gestures to scale, rotate, move and zoom the monster parts, the creation of a smooth drawing engine (which makes use of Ze Frank’s scribbler algorithms in the latest versions of the app) and, last but not least, memory management.

Since the drawing area of the app is 2048 x 1536 pixels (which is quite staggering for an iPod 3, for example) and it is possible to layer lots of parts, draw lots of lines and even add a background photo taken from the devices camera, tweaking the memory consumption and handling unloading and restoring of views was a major part in this project.

But what can I say about this project that cannot be better explained by Mr. Bucher himself: http://www.344lovesyou.com/projects/the-monster-maker-app/