Little Gems

Little Gems is an iOS App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch through which the user can lookup locations of interest for designers and other creatives.

As my client puts it:

This app uses Augmented Reality by displaying markers/pins over the landscape as you hold your device in front of you.

They will show you the creative economy of a city or location. Sharing knowledge of creative facilities in the world, or more specifically your local area to help you in your creative and innovative endeavors.

Be it Galleries, Museums, Theaters, Bookshops, Arts Centers, Magazines, Studios, Design Companies, Craft Shops

They touch on data visualisation, re-interpreting the cities landscapes simplifying to facilitate a new perspective with specific data (little gems) that would otherwise be hidden. Their style, beauty and simplicity in design is so that this aspect can be revealed and not hidden in its salient ability.

Therefore its data visualisation and cartography revealing the paths that data can form and function effectively.